Menü İçerik

Serdar Tuncer

He was born on 6th August 1978 in Ankara. While his mother had raised him with “my son the doctor” lullabies, he was raising inside the biggest affection (poetry).  When he went to Ankara Merkez Imam Hatip High School, he was unaware that the cause for the first poem he wrote would become in the future the mother of his children.

The first poetry book, "You smelled of Istanbul" (“Sen İstanbul Kokardın”) was published in 1997, a second poetry book "Mirrors" (“Aynalar”) in 2003. When he became a member of the Turkish Writers Union he left television and radio, and dedicated himself to poetry. The book "Stories between the Lines" (“Satır Arası Hikayeler”) became a success. The "A Day in the Night" (“Gecede Bir Gün”) programme at the TV channel “Kanal A” was selected as the best television cultural arts programme in 2005.

For approximately three years he presented the sahur (morning) programme “roof of stars” ("Yıldızdan Mahyalar"). Then again he came in front of the viewers in 2007 with the morning programme “Ramadan in Turkey and Europe" ("Türkiye'de ve Avrupa'da Ramazan") broadcasted at TV channel Kanal A. During Ramadan in 2008 he presented the TRT1 programme “Joy of Ramadan” (“Ramazan Sevinci”). He still comes in front of the viewers with “Between You and Me” (“Laf Aramızda”) at TRT1 on Friday nights at 00.00 at the p "between you and me" program comes in the face of the viewer.